We went to a show recently where we saw a performer get $3 in total after coming out in full drag and doing a reveal into another look while on stage. Three whole dollars and there were probably about 100 people in the crowd. While we understand, not everyone has the money to tip every performer, especially if there are multiple performances with a full lineup of a queens, tipping queens is important.

We’ve heard it time and time again, if you’re getting into drag to make money, be prepared to spend more money than you make for a long while. Drag is like all other arts, it takes a lot of supplies and equipment and that will be out of pocket. The cost of outfits, makeup, accessories and the up keep of all supplies is astounding. There are also expenses to get to any gigs booked without the guarantee of getting paid. Some of the rookies of drag perform for tips alone just to build a following.

 Remember, most queens have to maintain a day job when they do drag. Few queens are lucky enough to a living doing drag, The others give a great performance at night and wake up to do their day job; sore feet, glitter leftovers and all.

So the next time you go to a club and see a drag queen, pull out a dollar or two. Be prepared for multiple performances and make sure if there are some extraordinary performances and/or extraordinary performers you give a little more. We hope to see drag performances do the stripper requirements, “if you sit in the front row, you must tip!” You’re going to see a show and you may have just made a memorable impact on a lovely person. Then go home and remember to tell your friends how great the show was and bring more people the next time.