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31 Dec

2014 Drag Year In Review – September

Facebook comes for drag queens

There are some that say it wasn’t about drag queens, but for those affected, it seemed an awful lot like there was some motive behind the “Real Name Policy” and its attempt to give the queens whose names were ripped from Facebook and replace with unfamiliar names like Michael Williams (Sister Roma’s “Legal Name”). But you can’t come for queens without them letting you have it and that’s just what they did. Before we knew it, Sister Roma, Heklina and Lil’ Miss Hot Mess were at the Facebook offices and ready to march down the Facebook campus. Luckily talks prevented anything too bad from happening, but we were ready to march at every Facebook office in the country and even the world if necessary.

FB Real Names

22 Dec

Happy Birthday Sister Roma (@SisterRoma)!!

Sister Roma has been a beacon of hope for our community and 2014 was no exception, she battled the Facebook Real Name policy and won. We can’t wish enough great things for this wonderful being. Sister Roma, we hope you have a wonderful celebration of a beautiful life. Please always know you are loved and cherished!

Happy Birthday Roma

17 Sep

@SisterRoma @Heklina And More Gather For Face To Facebook #MyNameIs

We can’t applaud Sister Roma enough for standing up in what she describes feels like a “David & Goliath” situation. But it’s because she’s Roma that so many people in the LGBTQ community are able to do what they do without feeling ashamed or belittled. She’s not about to let Facebook stomp on the community. We anxiously await what’s next and hope it’s a compromise that allows for the safety of all Facebook users.


15 Sep

@SisterRoma’s Perpetual Influence Can Bring Facebook Down #MyNameIs

Sister Roma has been the face of the fight for this “real name” witch hunt by Facebook. She’s made it abundantly clear this is not just about “a bunch of drag queens bitching” but it’s also about the safety of some people who chose to use a different name on Facebook. To that point, Sister Roma has asked people to email Roma@TheSisters.org with real life stories leading to the change of their Facebook profile from their “real name” to an alias. She’s been floored by the outpouring of responses she’s received.

She stated the following this afternoon:

“I am overwhelmed and moved to tears by the literally hundreds of emails I have received from people who are sharing their compelling stories explaining why they don’t use their “real” name on Facebook. I want you all to know that you are not alone, there are many people who were abused, shunned, discriminated against, fought custody battles, survived addiction, and maintain profiles that are very real and very separate from your legal identity. You are REAL, you are important, and your voice will be heard. I am trying my best to reply to everyone. I appreciate you all. Stay strong and safe and be proud of who you are!”

Sister Roma & Honey Mahogany - Both affected by the new "real name" policy.
Sister Roma & Honey Mahogany – Both affected by the new “real name” policy.