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07 Jan

Bullying Queens By Spreading Rumors

We were on the fence about talking about this, but felt compelled to do so. There is a drag performer (we will not call this person a queen as we feel the title is undeserving) who makes videos claiming he heard several of the RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants have HIV, are child molesters and even bringing in their parents on the hate. We have reported this person to various social media outlets in the hopes that somehow we can help stop this cruelty.

There have been photos circulating that some of the RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants are HIV positive and they’re on tour to infect people, this photo even includes Mama Ru. There is also a photo of one of the finalists of a season and partner claiming she’s a cheater that got him infected and still spreads it around. The disgusting things this person is saying need to be stopped.

However, we will not give this person more exposure (whatever the size of our audience), but do recommend if you know who we are talking about, please report these images and videos. They are malicious and uncalled for. No matter what anyone’s HIV status is, that’s his/her own business. If people experienced┬áproblems with their families, again, that’s no one’s business. And we’re pretty sure none of the queens have enough money to hide incidents with police from the media.

We are Drag Queens Galore and we approve this message.


20 Sep

There’s A Bully Reporting People To Facebook And Bragging

His Twitter handle is @RealNamePolice and he’s showing off that he’s reporting people. Why we have someone doing this to our wonderful queens, is a mystery, although, there are some bitter “tranny chasers” around who may have been rejected and this may be the reaction. Not sure how to stop this person, but if someone is smart enough to help, please save our queens.

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