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11 Sep

Remembering 9/11- #NeverForget

September 11, 2001 changed the face of the modern world forever. While taking so many lives, it brought a nation, if not the world, together. Even if it was short-lived, everyone saw the humanity in each other. While we mourned (and continue to mourn) the lives lost, we looked to each other for strength. This day, while tragic, changed people and the way we treated each other.

Thirteen years later, we reflect on that day and most remember the loss, the vision forever ingrained in our minds of the twin towers and those planes being used as bombs. We remember those fleeing and those brave enough to wear a uniform running into the buildings to help, most of which would not come back out. We remember the rubble of the aftermath, the tears and anger and all those who lost someone.

Our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones, our hope is for the kindness of the aftermath to continue. We look to entertainment and especially drag queens to give us the laughter and awe of transformation. Drag is art and art is limitless and without definition, especially when the canvas is a human figure.

We encourage you to compliment a queen today, thank them for providing the art and entertainment and last but certainly not least, TIP YOUR QUEENS, drag is not cheap but tipping is. Let us know who you thanked today.