Shit and Champagne

A Whitesploitation Comedy with Dance opened to rave reviews and sold-out houses In Jan. 2014 at Rebel. It was extended 3 times and ran for five months.

When the drug-lords of the underworld kill your fiancé and your sister, and the cops stand idly by and doing nothing, there’s only one thing left to do… Dance! D’Arcy Drollinger’s tribute to female empowerment and the low-budget exploitation films of the 1970’s delivers 80 minutes of high-kicking, ass-whooping comedy.

After her fiancé, Rod and her half-sister Brandee, the world-renowned calf model, are both brutally murdered, Champagne Horowitz Jones Dickerson White, a divorcee and exotic dancer from the wrong side of the tracks, uses “all the right moves” to single-handedly take on the largest sex, drug and back to school clothing ring in the country, Mal-Wart. But when her best friend becomes addicted to booty bumps and is forced to work as a Mal-Wart brand discount prostitute, Champagne has no other choice but to go undercover and infiltrate the corrupt organization. Using an arsenal of disguises, a plethora of kung-fu moves and a cornucopia of one-liners, Champagne dances her way down the fast and furious road to revenge.

IT’S BACK! And running for 5 weeks in 2015! Get tickets HERE!

Shit & Champagne stars D’Arcy Drollinger (Sex and the City Live!, Project: Lohan), Matthew Martin (The Golden Girls, Baby Jane), James Arthur M. (Shakespeare’s R&J, Mr. Irresistible), Steven LeMay (Friends Live!, Roseanne), Adam Roy (The Boyfriend), Nancy French (Friends Live!, Pearls Over Shanghai). Lights & Sound: Michael Blythe, Costumes: Tria Connell.

Shit & Champagne is directed by D’Arcy Drollinger and Laurie Bushman