07 Jun

Raven and her baby BLU

We wanted to feature @RupaulsDragRace Season 2 and @DragRaceAllStar runner up Raven’s son BLU. Like his mommy, he’s got a lot of diversity in his arsenal of looks.


Someone looks like he’s getting in trouble!  But that sweater is to die for!  Of course his wardrobe is fabulous, have you met his mom? We love the love these queens have for their babies.  Does BLU stay at home with his daddy, Martin when Raven is on the road?  He’s lucky to be a part of a two parent home.


He’s clearly a road dog and BLU has a great smile.  But we can’t quite see his sweater in this picture.  Isn’t he in SoCal? Don’t “they” say, “it never rains in southern California” why is he so cold?


Another couture shot of baby BLU fresh out the groomers with a nice pose.  This family really does give good face and they all know it.


But the family that naps together, stays together.  Get some rest you two, there’s a lot of photo ops coming for both of you! (Shhh, they’re dreaming of when BLU wins the Dog Race All Stars.)

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