Drag Queens Galore was started by a couple of Drag fanatics, yes, stalkers who just wanted to get to know the drag queens of the world much better.  If you can consider stalking from your computer and phone a form of stalking.  We followed everyone's social media, saw some people get discovered, befriended others who we thought should be discovered and built up a following of other fanatics.  

We wanted to bring local drag to the masses, so we started something called "Hometown Hunties" to share with our readers drag queens who deserved to been seen but weren't.  From this eagerness to help came the idea of a cross-promotion platform.  Where people all around the drag community could share with each other. 

We want wig, dress, accessories, makeup, tucking tights, you name it for those drag queens who visit the site.  We just thought it might be easier to have a one stop shop instead of having everyone go to multiple sites and shop everywhere, you can visit one place that had it all. 

From there we figured, "what about a place where we could get management, bookings, shows, mentors, and more?" So we're eagerly moving to add that to our platform as well.  

But even more, we wanted a place where the fans could get all their favorite gear in one place, so we're also on a mission to get all the shops of every queen we can think of or who has a shop involved in the marketplace as well.  

With this mission in mind, we feel confident that what started out as a fan blog will explode into what our name has always had the intention of doing.  We will not only have Drag Queens Galore, but even more, we'll have solutions for marketing, managing, and maintaining drag queens, galore. 

So if you know someone or many people we should get in touch with, please feel free to drop us a line at info@dragqueensgalore.com or visit the "Tell DQG" page for a form that you can give us the information you want to share.  Be sure to tell your friends about us and follow us to get some really cool discounts and updates on new vendors as they happen!

Follow us on Social Media for your discount codes and secret savings unavailable to anyone else.  We want to hear from you and we don't want you to miss out on hearing from us. 

Thanks for your support, we have enjoyed this enormous effort and we hope you enjoy the new platform.  Your patience has meant the world to us and we won't let you down.