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07 Jun

Life Ball 2014 Auctions @Carmen_Carrera’s nude images and raises $245,000

Carmen Carrera posted on her Facebook page the news of what has been the silver lining to all the controversy over the past couple weeks.  They were able to raise much needed money for HIV/AIDS research. Finally coming together to fight the real enemy a disease which is still affecting a majority of the LGBTQ Community.

We raised $245,000 for HIV/AIDS research by auctioning off the “two anatomy” nude images of me photographed by David LaChapelle for Life Ball 2014.

Thank you to Gery Keszler and everyone at Life Ball for this!! We did something great!! It feels amazing to be able to work with the best in the industry and contribute to Europe’s largest charity organization.



Know your status and get tested, we may not be able to raise that amount of money, but we can do something to fight against this horrible disease.  Knowing is half the battle.

07 Jun

Deja Re, Las Vegas Drag Queen You Should Know

Deja Re holds a very special place in Drag Queens Galore’s heart.  She’s not yet been on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but we’re sure you’re gonna love her as much as we do when she blows your mind.

Deja is originally from Santa Barbara and now performs with India Ferrah from Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3.  Remember who Mimi Imfurst was lifting above her head during a Lip Sync for their lives? Well Deja and India are performing in the fabulous Las Vegas at Piranha Night Club.

We met Deja after the Season Six finale and she was the most pleasant, entertaining and funny queen we’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with.  She’s sexy and together, she knows who she is and we know she’s got some really great things coming ahead of her.

Here’s to Deja Re, have the best time possible on your way to the top. We hope you don’t forget the little people when you make it big.

07 Jun

Drag Queens Galore is gagging over @RoxxxyAndrews

Last season’s top 3 RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Roxxxy Andrews, has evolved from Pageant Queen to personal make-up artist to her Snatch Game persona, THE Tamar Braxton.

We here at Drag Queens Galore rooted for her last season despite the “Bad Girl” front she portrayed.  We felt for her and her emotional confession about her family history.  Sadly, not everyone can know their birth family and/or can have what can be deemed as “normal.”

We love her strength and understand the lack of connection can make people be more defensive. Her emotional apology to RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 winner, Jinkx Monsoon for the harsh treatment was given prior to the finale personally and also on screen.

This fine beauty has shown us resilience, charisma and talent.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for our Season 5 favorite.  Always know, your family is who you choose, not who you’re born to.

Thank you Roxxxy, thank you!

07 Jun

Monica Beverly Hillz at the Brave Bull

We had a blast with Monica Beverly Hillz when she was at the Brave Bull in Modesto, CA.  Thought we’d share some pictures of our fun!

MBH at Brave Bull
Monica looking good in her garter and leopard print
MBH at Brave Bull 2
Legs for days!
MBH at the Brave Bull 3
Working done, time for play
MBH at the Brave Bull 4
Party partners


07 Jun

Raven and her baby BLU

We wanted to feature @RupaulsDragRace Season 2 and @DragRaceAllStar runner up Raven’s son BLU. Like his mommy, he’s got a lot of diversity in his arsenal of looks.


Someone looks like he’s getting in trouble!  But that sweater is to die for!  Of course his wardrobe is fabulous, have you met his mom? We love the love these queens have for their babies.  Does BLU stay at home with his daddy, Martin when Raven is on the road?  He’s lucky to be a part of a two parent home.


He’s clearly a road dog and BLU has a great smile.  But we can’t quite see his sweater in this picture.  Isn’t he in SoCal? Don’t “they” say, “it never rains in southern California” why is he so cold?


Another couture shot of baby BLU fresh out the groomers with a nice pose.  This family really does give good face and they all know it.


But the family that naps together, stays together.  Get some rest you two, there’s a lot of photo ops coming for both of you! (Shhh, they’re dreaming of when BLU wins the Dog Race All Stars.)

07 Jun

Drag Queens in Person

We all pay attention to our favorite queens on Social Media, watch for them on TV and sometimes we’re even lucky enough to meet them at their shows.  We had the opportunity and blew it.

We met Bianca Del Rio and couldn’t manage to get anything we’d planned on saying to her out of our mouths.  Heck, I was lucky I got my name right, she asked me a couple times.  We were nervous, this whole time we told each other, we could totally be friends with her.  We get a chance to be memorable and we just ended up gagging on her eleganza.

And why shouldn’t we? She’s the newest member of the Royal Family of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  She’s making money by making fun of people.  No, literally, if you donate to Hurricane Bianca there’s a chance she’ll “Hate You” which is a good thing.  People beg her to “Read” them and she does it well.

This got us thinking, what do you say to someone you feel like you know,  who is kind of a celebrity, but apparently not enough for Twitter to verify them? (don’t get us started on that one, why are there so many RuPauls?)  We made her gifts and those brought out that signature laugh, so it wasn’t a total loss. But we write about these queens and see their shows, but talking to them can be so hard.

We really do admire all the forms of drag and all the queens who we’ve met, seen on TV or even just follow us on Twitter.  Just don’t ask us to be witty in person.   Apparently that’s reserved for the keys on our laptop.  We introduce ourselves to every queen we meet just because we are huge fans.

We did get to hang out in Las Vegas with some really great queens like India Ferrah and April Carrion who were the sweetest queens. But we were probably a lot more comfortable with the numerous alcoholic refreshments we’d imbibed (PSA: Drink Responsibly).

Did we mention you should donate to Hurricane Bianca so you can get an “Insult Video” dedicated to you! We there’s the shameless plug.  We’ll be riding that for a while, so be sure to tell your friends hunties!

07 Jun

RuPaul’s Drag Race Off Season

All has been said and done, a new queen has been crowned and all the reunions have been done.  What do we do on Monday nights now?  We definitely haven’t had a chance to fully grasp the lack of Drag Race yet since we saw Bianca and some local San Francisco Bay Area queens last night.

We also went to the finale in Las Vegas and saw a lot of the Season Six cast members along with some of our favorites from previous seasons.

But when this burst of excitement about the season is over, what will we watch?  LogoTV is going to be airing Season Six over again during Mondays so you can relive your favorite moments again.

If you’re like us, you’ll vow to never love another drag race season again after this one and fall in love all over again when the next season begins next spring.

Let us know what you’ll be watching Mondays for the rest of the year.

07 Jun

Bianca Del Rio on She-Mail

During our visit to the show at the #Trannyshack, @biancadelrio tried to calm the situation down about She-Mail stating, “She-mail was a play on words from E-Mail.”  Further discrediting the rumors that “She-mail” is a derogatory term toward Transgendered people.

The audience seemed happy about her statement, it wasn’t happiness to discredit the negative connotation, it was to lighten the load of the viewers and supporters of both Carmen Carrera and RuPaul.

If you’re like us, we really feel the arguments toward each other within the LGBT community just takes our focus of the fight against the anti-LGBT groups.  The only way we can persevere is by coming together and getting past our differences.  All members of the LGBT community have experienced enough bullying without having to bully each other.

We hope Bianca’s message of “no offense intended” from the Drag Queen of Mean can be the one that calms this whole thing down.  Oh and don’t call Bianca, Lady Bunny and Sherry Vine Granny.

Thank you Miss Rio, we’ll blame it all on you, you’re used to it right?

07 Jun

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2

April Carrion said she didn’t win Season Six because she’s meant to win All Stars 2.  What does it take to get on All Stars.  Last season’s All Stars included runners up, Nina Flowers (Season 1), Raven (Season 2), Manila Luzon (Season 3) and Chad Michaels (Season 4) along with top three finishers; JuJuBee (Season 2) and Alexis Mateo (Season 3).  There were several top four finishers; Shannel (Season1), Yara Sofia (Season 3), and Latrice “MuthaF*ckin” Royale (Season 4) and even a top five finisher, Pandora Boxx (Season 2).  But it’s the not-so-top finishers that added a little “spice” to the action.  Tammie Brown finished eighth on season 1 and Mimi Imfurst finished eleventh on season 3.


How can we follow the same formula if we’ve only had 3 seasons since the last All-Stars season?  Does this mean we need to wait for Season 7 before the next All-Stars?  We won’t know the answer for sure until we get the release from LogoTV.  But our guess, we’ll see Alaska and/or Roxxxy along with Dexox from season 5 and Adore and/or Courtney with Darriene.  If we stick with the Miss Congeniality trend, we’re likely to see both Ivy Winters (mostly because RuPaul loves saying that name and it seemed as though she wants that to go on a season longer) and of course BenDeLaCreme.  But which underdogs will be cast?  Will we see anyone from the previous seasons? Will it be limited to just the seasons who weren’t even filmed when the last All Stars came out?

It looks like a lot of former cast members are campaigning for a spot on the show.  Victoria “Pork Chop” Parker has made a huge presence in social media gaining the support of fans everywhere.  Mariah Balenciaga has also been making it known, she’s ready for another go at it. We’ve even had a few private discussions with some other former cast members about how they’ve been, “in talks” with the show.

No matter who will be on the show, we’re sure to watch and talk like we do about all we think is happening.  When we know more, you’ll know more.  But we want to hear from you, let us know who you think will be the next cast of All Stars.  And who do you think will win?

07 Jun

Our Vegas Experience

When we went to Vegas for the Finale, my wife was so star struck she took pictures with every queen we met, TV star, upcoming queen or veteran queen.  It made us realize, we needed to get more information on the queens who weren’t just gaining exposure from RuPaul’s Drag Race and it reminded us that we didn’t hear about the past Drag Queens nearly enough.

This is when and why we started DragQueensGalore.com, please visit our site and follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page and let us know what you think or if you have any ideas.  We’ll be posting a lot and hope to cover everyone’s ideas in a timely manner.

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