Hello Friends, Family & Drag-Hags!

We’re writing to tell you about a really exciting project headed by Season 6 RuPaul’s Drag Race Winner Bianca Del Rio and CBS News editor Matt Kugelman .  It’s a revenge comedy feature film and it looks hilarious!

They launched an indiegogo campaign in order to raise funds to create this massive film —  About a teacher in a small country town that gets fired by the homophobic staff and decides to return in disguise as a woman to get revenge on the town and the people that were so nasty to him!

We’ve just donated to this project, and believe in this film and in Bianca & Matt.  PLEASE take a moment to check out the campaign at www.HurricaneBianca.com. This is our way to be part of an amazing film and tell the movie studios that the world needs more Bianca Del Rio!  PLUS, there are incredible rewards including personalized insult videos from Bianca, personalized drawings, autographs as well as a few exciting surprises to come during the campaign!

If everyone that follows Bianca on twitter donates even just $1, we would have $23.5K!  So imagine what $20 or $50 can do!

It would mean the world if you could DONATE what you can and spread the word. You can do this by simply clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons on the page in the campaign link.

Just two clicks make a BIG difference!!


Thank you so much for helping to support this project we believe in.

Hope to see you soon!!


Drag Queens Galore!