Pollo Del Mar broke down the story since Mimi said she knew the story.  Check it out:

Pollo Del Mar states, “When XELLE launched, all the media hype was around Mimi — as it should have been, because she is a reality TV star and most recognizable name in the trio (especially within their core fan base).”

Mimi added, “WELL I started it.”

Pollo Del Mar goes on and says, “I also know first-hand how hard Mimi busted her ass to promote the group & its music. We are friends (right Meems?!) and I would consistently get excited texts, calls & late night FB messages about all their amazing projects.”

Mimi adds, ” in leiu of releasing a solo song the idea came about to start a girl group, and i found them.”

Pollo Del Mar continues on, “The other two girls, who admittedly are AMAZING vocalists, started to want more of the spotlight. I also think they didn’t want to play second fiddle to Mimi. So after a while, they eased her out. Everyone wanted to be a Beyonce. Nobody wanted to be a Kelly. But what I think the girls are finding out is pretty simple. XELLE’s primary audience is gay men and Drag Race fans. Without Mimi, there’s nothing AT ALL unique about what they do. Their music is cute. Their voices are great. But they are just another female dance/pop duo. So their exposure is dipping the longer Mimi is MIA. I’m not bashing either of the girls, because I am a FAN of their work. I’m a FAN of their voices. I think they are both beautiful. But Mimi was that extra ‘something’ that made the group interesting.”

MimiImfurst added, “so ya that’s basically what happened i got a letter in the mail saying that it was due to the success of my solo career which is ironic because that’s the only reason the group existed I’ve never talked about it publicly until now, it was from a lawyer”