“No one understands what it is to be trans unless they live through it one day…” In our interview with the beautiful Monica Beverly Hillz, she enlightened us to some of the struggle that is the journey of transitioning. When we interviewed her last month after seeing her in May, we got to know her more.
The letter she received states as follows:

“Monica identifies as a female trans-gender, therefore she should be afforded the same basic human rights as other females, such as being referred to as she, having her driver’s license reflect her current gender of female, and she should be allowed to use the women’s restroom…”

The wonderful news she received today from her doctor gave her the one final “license” to affirm her female identity. We couldn’t be more excited for her! When hearing the news of her success we went through the emotional triumph we had when we were legally married and we got our marriage license, certificate and subsequent methods of identification. This will allow Monica to update her license and all identification materials under her female name and as a female.
Congratulations Monica! We know it’s been a long road and we wish you continued success in your life and career!
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