20 Jun

Lady Bunny (@imLadyBunny) Is On The Out List

Last year HBO created a wonderful documentary called, “The Out List.” In honor of National Pride Month HBO aired this powerful documentary again.  We revisited this documentary and specifically focused on Lady Bunny.  She’s hilarious and we had to repeat some of what made us laugh.

“Drag pushes my adrenaline. I love to go out in Lady Bunnydrag because you can make an entrance and you can go up to the cutest boy in the club and grab him in the crotch, which I wouldn’t never do if I weren’t in drag.”

She says about herself, “I portray a tacky woman,” in response to anyone who says she’s disrespecting women by doing drag.  She also demands that those conservative gays credit the drag queens and those more “obviously” gay members of the LGBTQ community.

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