How Morgan McMichaels Stays In The Spotlight As Seasons Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Pile Up

With the cast of the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race being “ruvealed” later today, we spoke with one of the big sisters of Drag Race from season 2, Morgan DSCN2614McMichaels. She’s known for Living For The Lipsync, her appearances on Raven and Raja’s Fashion Photo RuView, the World of Wonder shopping channel and being best friends with her Season 2 sister, Raven. But there’s more to Morgan than all the fun she’s having on different web series.

Morgan, born Thomas White in Scotland in 1981, moved to the United States in 1987 lived here through 1994 when she moved back to Scotland and then moved back to the United States in 1999. But you’ll notice, Morgan does not have an accent at all, we asked her about this and she said she’s made a great effort to keep people from asking her to repeat herself with her Scottish DSCN2673accent and learned “non-regional diction.” She “got tired of people asking me what I said.” She did say her sister Raja still jokes with her and says, “I remember this little 18 year old Scottish girl….”

But Morgan speaking her mind is what she’s probably most known for these days on social media. She said she “love[s] healthy debate,” because she knows not all of her fans agree with all her opinions about what’s going on and it’s nice to hear the different opinions, but she insists she wants everyone to stay decent and respectful to her other fans with differing opinions.

Her drag name, Morgan came from Morgan Le Fay queen of the fairies and her last name McMichaels comes from her drag parents, Chad Michaels and Adam McGee, Chad’s husband and Morgan’s drag father who made all her costumes. She does get to see her mother Chad more since she’s not traveling as much. Chad asked Morgan if she could be her drag mother and all this 10389421_10204066974776292_4957551870680675190_ncame with tons and tons of drag stuff when she became her daughter, which is a great perk.

Morgan said, “being on TV has taught me to be humble. Watching myself on television definitely opened my eyes to watch the things that I say to people and about them.” She added, “one of my biggest… I said what I said on drag race and I don’t apologize for it but watching Mystique cry on tv just made me feel so horrible as a person. I think the things that I said about Mystic or to Mystique weren’t necessarily appropriate and her aesthetic should not have been an issue with her ability.” She said she does not blame the stress of the competition she said, “I was an asshole, no amount of excuses can take away from what you say.” She does regret being in an alliance against Tatianna with Raven, Sonique and Nicole Paige Brooks because she’s such an individual. She also said she was “raised better than to make silly comments.”

Surprisingly Morgan is the quiet one of the family. She’s got two sisters and a brother who she is both Uncle Thomas and Auntie Morgan to her nieces and nephews. She loves being an influence on the next generation of kids growing up. She believes that kids having anyone gay in their lives will have more insight and share their knowledge with the world.

 Living on an acre of land, Morgan has Toats and McGoats her two pet goats named by Jujubee and Charlie and Bailey are her indoor 10256105_10203956936025392_3569487261268205003_odogs. She used to have chickens and horses too, but the chickens ran away and the horses… well they got old so she sent them to the retirement home for horses. A true animal enthusiast, she takes rescues and gives them love.

Morgan’s advice for future girls auditioning for RuPaul’s Drag Race is, “stay organic, be who you are, don’t try to be something else to appease anybody. That’s what the casters are looking for, organic acting people things that aren’t changing. Like, I’m gonna be the bitch I’m gonna say anything that comes to my mind.” She said, “Detox and Willam are like that in real life.” So she recommends, “Stay as organic as humanly possible.”

The advice Morgan gave to the season 7 girls who are about to be ruvealed, “take it all in stride, have fun, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, your premier year is only gonna happen once so make the best of it and remember where you come from don’t think that you’re above the people. With fame in any outlet of entertainment comes great power, entitlement, so use your power wisely and you’ll go further.”

As we all know, Morgan McMichaels is slaying “Living for the Lipsync” but admits she’s surprised people aren’t submitting more videos. When we asked if there were rules to submission, she said they really just needed the10321689_10203657368576393_3974427205583833216_o permission of the YouTube video owner and that’s why no sound of the videos are ever heard. There are copyright protections they are trying to avoid. But when we talked about the lack of submissions we got down to the fact that the same people who cast for RuPaul’s Drag Race are looking at the videos and people are not putting that together. If you want to be on Drag Race, it may behoove people to send in their lip-sync videos to Morgan’s show. You never know who they may ask to audition based on their videos. So go to the World of Wonder Facebook page and submit your video… who knows what your submission may lead to, we might see you on Season 8, 9, 10….

We can’t thank Morgan enough for her time and for giving us so much insight on her life in and out of drag. Be sure to subscribe to Morgan’s YouTube channel along with World of Wonder to see all the Living With The Lipsync episodes, including your friends and drag family.

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