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09 Jun

Shangela Alyssa and Dolly Parton?

Shangela and Alyssa Edwards

We borrowed this picture from @IamRonDavis because we noticed the girls were appearing with Dolly Parton behind them? It’s good to see Shangela is getting some food, she needs all her strength to get her leg back to 100%.  Although the way she works it, you’d never know she’s not. Halleloo!

09 Jun

Rhea Litre Takes Over LA Pride

If she wasn’t jumping out the vehicle and singing her lungs out at L.A. Pride this weekend, she was mastering the art of Sharon Needles.

Rhea Litre and Sharon Needles

While not yet a RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, she’s definitely made her mark on Drag fans.  She’s been featured in the Marco Marco gender bending fashion show and hangs out with all the right crowds.  Her “Bi-coastal Bitch”iness definitely got our attention.

We solute you Rhea, get your party on and tell the world that you won’t be muted any longer!

09 Jun

Victoria “Pork Chop” Parker Campaigning for All Stars 2

No better effort has been made than that of Victoria “Pork Chop” Parker for another chance at RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Who can blame her, eliminated on the first episode of the first season can’t sit well for any queen.  She’s definitely making a name for herself on social media with the multiple mentions of her desire to be on All Stars.

Is there a “fan favorite” for All Stars nomination? We know Mama Ru likes to do things her way and it’s always ultimately up to her. She lets us think we have a say in it, which is where all the “Vote for Pork Chop” campaigning comes from.

But can an independent website polling their own fans give RuPaul the answers to her casting of All Stars 2? Or does it come from somewhere else?

Either way, no queen has made her quest for All Stardom more known than our little Pork Chop and we wish her the best of luck as she works her way to fan favorite among the best of them.

Pork Chop

09 Jun

The Heathers

@Carmen_Carrera, @TheeDeltaWork, @sutanamrull & @manillaluzo make up “The Heathers.”  The group of drag queens became very close and named themselves “Heathers,” based on the late 80’s movie named as such.

“Heathers” released in 1988, the movie is about a group of mean girls all named Heather and a new girl named Veronica who’s trying to fit in.  But Veronica decides with the help of her dark boyfriend, J.D. “If you can’t join them, kill them.”

Since “The Heathers” movie was basically all about bitches who pretend to like each other but would ultimately throw the other under the bus for personal gain, the Season 3 Drag Queens thought it was the perfect name for the group.  They named anyone not in the group “The Boogers.”

We can’t wait for a remake with the beautiful ladies of “The Heathers” from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3. This photo is beautiful!

09 Jun

@HurricaneBianca Still Needs Help!

@thebiancadelrio is starring in a movie called Hurricane Bianca.  She has partnered up with Matt Kugelman and Rachel Kate Miller to keep their movie from the large movie house compromises they might have to make.

Hurricane Bianca is a feature-length comedy about a New York teacher who moves to a small town in Texas, gets fired for being gay, and returns disguised as a mean “lady” to get revenge on the people who were nasty to him! It’s Tootsie meets Revenge of the Nerds, or Mrs. Doubtfire ​ for the Jackass generation! Topical, touching and really funny, it’s one person’s journey to find himself while pretending to be someone else.

Take some time to check out their website and learn more about the movie.  Bianca Del Rio is counting on her supporters and fans.  She has almost 70K followers but only 709 of us have donated to the movie. Let’s get this thing funded, we’ve only got 22 days left and still over 100K to go . Spread the word, you don’t have to give a lot, just 10 from all the twitter followers would fund her movie almost 7 times!

Click here to donate today!



09 Jun

Lil Pound Cake Made A New Album

@LilPoundCake1 released her new album this week but may have been a bit overshadowed by the other album released this week (we’ve covered that as well, so we’ll just leave it at that)


Check out iTunes for “I Didn’t Steal Your Lipstick” and support Lil Poundcake so she can get off the street corner at night.  She’s also our friend and we make sure we push our friends down everyone’s throats.

Good luck LPC.

09 Jun

Pollo Del Mar “Male to Female Drag Queen”


Our beautiful friend Pollo Del Mar, showing us how she goes from Male to Female in what seems like 15 minutes, but super fast mode of what takes her an hour to two hours. She deserves props folks.  Get to know Pollo!

09 Jun

Drizzling Drag Race Stars




Your favorite queens were in our nation’s capital and dressed as “Human Sperm” as Adore Delano called it.  You’re sexy and you know it!