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21 Jan

Where are the queens?

A brief summary of how you can get some more drag queens on TV outside of the competition shows

Willam in Wig

Do you ever feel like when you watch these “drag shows” you really wish you could see more of them outside of the competitions?

Well, I guess Mama Ru does too because as usual, she’s brought her favorites to her Netflix show with her. Now we all know Moms don’t have favorites (wink wink) but let’s face it, there are clearly some she wants to be around a little more often than others. The Netflix show AJ and The Queen follows a queen and her incredibly insightful young co-star on a journey of miles and miles of self maturity and experience.

What about other shows like Dragula? Will The Boulet Brothers make a feature-length film, we can already tell they like to tell stories by the intros of the competition show Dragula, also on Netflix. Will we get the full story in one long piece or will they leave the acting chops to Ru and continue with the chopping of heads of the losing contestants? Unfortunately, we don’t have any inside scoop on that yet, but we’ll keep asking The Boulet Brothers once they remove the restraining order.

In the meantime, we urge you to watch as much of the projects the queens do to keep them booked and working. Local queens (Non-Drag Race contestants – as of the publishing of this story) like Misty Violet, Allusia, and the LA gang can be seen in Cherry Pop with Bob The Drag Queen, Tempest DuJour, and more. While documentaries like “Wig” on HBO show off a slew of New York Queens when they pulled off the revival of Wigstock.

Whatever you do, get some more drag in your life because life is just too serious and drag queens let us have a good time and escape for a while. Thank you to all the queens who support us and entertain us and help us get through life with some laughter and flare. It can’t be easy in those heels and wigs… not to mention the tucks – AKA prison for your jewels.

Let us know some of your favorite movies in the comments below

03 Aug

Drag May Be Affecting Our Perception

As you know, we try to be your one stop shop for drag photos, videos, stories, etc. While we were looking for more content for the site, we saw a photo of what we thought were drag queens but at a closer look, it was the Kardashians. Now, some may say, our vision of women is changing due to the focus our mind has on drag queens. Others may say, women are adding more elements of drag to their looks. There’s also the slight chance, drag queens have become so convincing as real women confusion is now the norm.

Whatever the reason, we’re happy drag is infecting the world and we hope you enjoy what we offer. Let us know if you’d like to see more of any queen and we’ll be sure to get on it right away. We appreciate all the love and support and promise there’s so much more coming. Shout out to dr.a.g. the coffee table book,, Wigs Direct Sale and Hurricane Bianca.


19 Jun

Maddox Reviews Glamazon

Fragrance Ruview


12 Jun

Our Favorite Looks Of April Carrion

Our Puerto Rican fish friend, Miss April Carrion was definitely gone too soon.  But she did get the vote for best Toot today from Raven and Raja during the Fashion RuView this week for the look in the center of this collage.  Yes mama, boriqua!

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