The New Drag Queens Galore - EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE!

The New Drag Queens Galore - EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE!

BY : Gabriela Bazan

Welcome to the new Drag Queens Galore.  We listened to our followers and readers and even some of the haters.  There are a ton of blogs out there, stating their opinions and let's face it, who needs to hear more opinions? 

So we redesigned our site with YOU in mind.  You may be thinking, not me.  YES, YOU.  We built our new site to allow vendors of all things drag to sell directly to you.  But you only have to visit one site to get to them. 

Looking for a wig? Check out our wig vendors
Looking for some makeup? Check out the makeup vendors
Need some help with your first time in drag? We're including a mentoring area, where you can get some advice from queens who can help. 
Do you need to book a queen for something? Let us help you reach out. 
Are you a queen looking to get booked? We can help you with your marketing and even local venues. 

You might be saying, well, I'm not really a drag queen, nor do I want to be one, I'd just like to get some fan gear.  Well, we've got access to that too. 

Think we missed something? Let us know by filling out the Tell DQG contact form.  

We're so excited to have you here that we're offering some outrageous deals for those who sign up for our Newsletter!  Get up to 75% off our Drag Queens Galore store products. 

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