Drag Shows - Live Versus TV

Drag Shows - Live Versus TV

BY : Gabriela Bazan

By now, most of the world has heard of a little show called RuPaul's Drag Race, it's being syndicated in other countries and there are tons of spin-off shows, live watching parties built around it, and a whole society of "experts" who have weekly recaps of the show. 

But long before the television show was something called a "Live Drag Show" where drag queens and sometimes kings would dress up as a different character, usually a different gender, and perform.  Oh wait, that still exists. 

What has happened recently are a few things we wanted to discuss and get your thoughts on.  

The first, performers being compared to members of said show (RPDR) when they've been doing drag longer than the show's been on. Second, queens being late to the live shows they're supposed to be performing on because they're watching said television show. And last but not least, crowds of people showing up whenever a queen from RPDR is booked, but never showing up to the shows without them. 

Jackie Beat by Magnus HastingsLet's dig deeper into the first point. While it may seem like a compliment to be called the "Alaska of Nebraska", or the "Valentina of Argentina" there are tons of queens who were doing their thing with their own looks and style before the show. Compliments are awesome as we all know, but compliments without comparison are even better. "You're gorgeous" is always welcome versus "You look just like Katya, but like the shorter version." Sometimes less is more. 

Next, what's with performers being late to their performances because they're watching TV?  We went to a show not long ago where this was the case, can we help these queens get a DVR? Let's give them more tips. Ru's not paying those bills yet, so it might be a good idea to get to your gigs girls. 

Monistat LiveAnd of course the final, but important item, SUPPORT LOCAL DRAG.  For those of you underage readers, we know this can be hard, but trust honey, not as hard as it was before YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.  All those performances are shared on social media, you can tip queens on Venmo/PayPal/Xelle, whatever the case may be.  Or simply share their show information so those of us who are of age can go support live. There are only like 150 Racers, compared to the thousands more local queens with tons of talent. 

There are thousands of shows you can attend, all year long, we will be working with some of the local venues to ensure you have access to calendars and booking details.  Until then, just ask, we're here to help.  Besides, you have a way better chance of the local queens remembering you after they get on the show than the queens that have already been on there who see thousands of people after their appearance on the show. 

Have fun with the shows, whichever your preferred method of consumption. 

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