Michelle Visage by Arabia Felix

Michelle Visage by Arabia Felix

Michelle Visage is embarking on her Celebrity Big Brother UK experience and we’re getting to see first hand (via YouTube and social media) that the power of Michelle’s influence is phenomenal! We’re used to seeing Michelle read the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race, she’s one tough cookie. But she has always said her loyalty to her best friend and creator of the show, RuPaul, is why she is hard on the queens. After the show is over, she talks with them candidly and they immediately know they have a friend and mother in Michelle.

That being said, Michelle “loves [her] gays” Perez Hilton may not be feeling the love. Perez nominated Michelle for elimination from the house earlier this week. The nomination immediately incited a “Save Michelle” campaign. This campaign spread like wildfire and while only people in the UK could vote, the world had Michelle’s back. Instagram posts, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts and any media that Michelle’s fans could get a hold of they took it as a platform to spread the word.

Fortunately it worked, Michelle is safe and will not have to leave the Big Brother house this week. But what does that mean for Mr. Hilton? Well, we’ve seen the negative response from a lot of the community, we’ll just have to wait and see. He’s currently trending on Twitter and it doesn’t look like he’s making a positive impression on the UK or the world for that matter. But let’s face it, Michelle is very aware of what a Reality Competition is about, it’s not smart to go up against her.


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