Adore Delano is a young, playful, partying queen who almost won season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her popularity among fans is well deserved.  She can sing, she can surf (in the crowd) and she’s genuinely very charming.  Even those who rooted for Bianca Del Rio to win the crown had to admit, Adore was a solid runner up.

She can’t go anywhere without  getting a little extra attention, c’mon she’s super tall even out of drag.  But she got a little too much attention when she posted a picture with piles of money around her.  Apparently, her fans didn’t appreciate how hard she’s worked and that she showed part of her income. Here’s her statement:

“I have deleted the picture of me sitting with MY MONEY that I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR due to crazy ass people feeling special and grand about the whole situation.. Here’s the tea and coffee of it, bitch.. My money got wet while traveling and my cousin and I laid it all out to dry.. We thought it looked funny (like we robbed a bank) so we decided to take a picture and post it. I never knew people would get offended by someone posting a picture of their OWN MONEY.. & yes most of you are correct I am very immature at times but I’ll take immature over acting like I got a mop stuck up my ass.. So lighten up & stop taking life so damn serious! xxx”

The interesting thing is Bianca Del Rio, the winner of season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s opening line to her own show is, “I don’t have an album, I don’t have a single I’m promoting, but you know what I do have? A hundred thousand dollars.” Why is Bianca’s audience not as quick to throw shade on her comment? We suspect there may be some maturity issues. Adore has worked hard to get her album out, promote it and remain as humbled as possible. But she’s young as is her audience. Bianca’s audience may consist of people who don’t take this type of thing so seriously.

Courtney Act, the other runner up of season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, also posted a picture about her money. She showed her money being ironed by her friend Mitch. She stated she didn’t like any wrinkles on them so she had them ironed. She’s also posted the origami money she’s received and none of her fans have objected.

Adore is about her fans, she knows she wouldn’t have been such a huge success without them and she respects them so much she removed the picture. But sadly, some of her fans are still young, might not appreciate the humor of the photo and jealousy might also play a factor. We think her fans should let her celebrate her success a little more, she’s working hard, she’s traveling and she’s making money as a result. She has a fun loving personality and that’s where the photo and comment came from.

Congratulations Adore, you’re loved and hated, you have officially become Bianca’s little girl. Like father like daughter. Keep making that money honey.