Fear And Loathing In The Gay Club

Drag Queens Galore has been called the “nice ones” in the social media, blog, website, whatever else we’ve been called world. We’ve been pretty laid back when it comes to throwing shade at drag queens out of respect for the performers and their art.

There has been a lot said, a lot of opinion about “doing something” for the community during this trying time.  Complacency is definitely never the answer.  The silence of those who have claimed to be allies has definitely resonated.  But the loud shrill of pain is what is heard most.

Pain that the LGBT community has experienced for so long it had almost become white noise.  Pick on Mark, Rick or Steve because they’re gay and gay isn’t the way to be, “it’s not normal.”  Go after their jobs because they shouldn’t be able to work anywhere where they might let their perverted ways out on impressionable and innocent people.  Don’t let them marry because that will eventually lead to pedophilia and beastiality.

Somehow, all these things were ok.  Is it because they didn’t have an actual gun with bullets flying throughout the club?  Is it because there were no names or faces to the countless who were suffering with their own sexuality?  Is it because when you deny people their basic human rights you’re not “hurting anyone”?

Whatever the reason, the LGBT community was being hit with bullets of social inequality for decades and beyond, it’s only this week that someone came after a big enough group of people to be newsworthy.   We should not be victimized.  We should not feel sorry for ourselves.  We should not attack each other for mourning and processing our own ways.  We MUST come together, we MUST build each other up, and we MUST stop playing into the idea that we have to make everyone understand us.

They won’t understand us, we hardly understand ourselves.  I’m not just talking about the LGBT community, I’m talking about human beings.  We’re all made differently, we only know what we learn and we all learn those things differently.  So understanding each other is impossible.  But being kind, being patient and being diligent will be what makes us unstoppable.

Hate is never the answer, but anger is definitely an emotion that creates action.  Just be sure your action affects society in the most positive way you can think of.  Do not fall into the games being played by the media.  We are people first and gay second.  It’s no one’s business who we chose to date, sleep with, marry, etc.  But it is everyone’s business that we are treated like humans.  So let’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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One thought on “Fear And Loathing In The Gay Club”

  1. Very well said.
    I have been a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community for more than 20 years. My best friend and I walked hand in hand through her child’s transition from female to male. It was this child’s truth; who were we or anybody else to question it?

    Sadly, I came of age in the ’90’s and I lost a lot of gay friends to an illness that people ignored. I get very sad whenever I think about that. I miss them terribly. And here we go again, many of us sit back and watch as this community’s right to live a peaceful and fulfilled life is slowly whittled away.

    I’ll admit that I have trouble processing why people are hell-bent on dictating the lives of others. I just cannot understand it. As a mother of a young adult, I was beyond heartbroken when I learned of the tragedy in Orlando. Best believe I’ve had my say with my Congressional leaders and anyone else who would listen.

    Anyway, I am glad that you wrote this post. Thanks for your wise insight.

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