Finding Shade

We recently had a little tiff with someone over something our caption said. She obviously got upset over an observation that we’re sure we’re not the first to mention, but this led us to think, maybe people are just looking for shade.

We’re pretty well known for being the “nice guys” in the drag world, even though we’re not guys and we aren’t really that nice. We just feel like art is so subjective and Drag is an art form. If we make everyone fit into a tiny little box then we’re not enjoying the true form of the art. Of course we love a beautiful queen, but our definition of beautiful may not fit what someone else’s definition is. Not to mention, the parameters of beauty change all the time.

Sometimes you’re beautiful because of your heart, sometimes you’re beautiful because of your amazing talent, sometimes your talent is your paint, sometimes it’s your performance, sometimes it’s the fashion, sometimes it’s the bold risks you take. Whatever the reason, we tend to find beauty in everything drag.

Katana Rei

While we haven’t dedicated our lives to drag in the same manner as the performers, we understand the blood sweat and tears that go into doing this, supporting this art, building a business around this art. Trust, this is not a “get rich quick scheme” and we may know it even better than most.

Well then we were mildly addressed multiple times by the same queen and thought… are we being shady with the comments we add to the photos people put on social media and share with us and their other fans (because we’re just that, fans)? While we would love to say we’ve come to a conclusion we have not.

However, we did also think, wow, if someone can find shade in what we say, perhaps people really are looking for shade. Maybe we had an off day, maybe she had an off day, but you’re in the public eye, on a stage and people are going to talk about you. We admired her from afar and have commented a few times on her, but whatever we last said upset her.

We won’t apologize for something we didn’t see as shady, we didn’t use offensive language and the comparison should be seen as flattering, but it wasn’t and we can’t control that. But we would like to address the rest of our readers, queens and fans alike. We admire you, either from afar (for those performers who we can’t visit in person) or in person (we’re tipping you to show you we believe in you).

Now go out there and work that shit out bitches!


Author: Drag Queens Galore

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