It’s Time To Remember What Happens In December

Ok kids, it’s that time of year again. Yes, it’s Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan time…. we did not list those in any particular order. But if we become controversial, we must be doing something right. Anyway, it’s time to get excited for what the new year brings as we reflect on the closing of this year. This, the year of Violet Chachki’s Come Thru, the first annual Drag Con put together by none other than Mama Ru herself and of course, another album from the queen herself.

All the while, drag in a town near you goes on its merry way attempting to lure people who don’t just watch from the comfort of their homes, but dare the elements and dare to tip queens who perform live. Will the two worlds ever get along? Those who don’t go see live shows unless there’s a “Ru Girl” there and those who have loved drag outside of “The Race”?

Not from what we can see. There will always be drag and as long as there is drag there will always be those who judge the art based solely on what they see on TV. It was said recently, liking drag queens but only the ones from Drag Race is like saying you like music but only American Idol singers. We couldn’t agree more.

The whole reason our site exists is because we wanted to show off some of those who were not really seen as much as they should be. Our goal was to give some more exposure to those deserving more than just a nod and a wink by their local fans. But we knew without the “Racers” no one would pay attention to us. So we sprinkle some fun queens from the TV in with those we have found locally. Even better is when the queens find us.

But what is it that compels people to watch the show if they don’t know anything about drag? Is it the transformation? Because some are definitely better than others… let’s face it, some used Chapstick and Mascara while others were just paying someone else to go on stage for them. We may never know what motivates our television friends, but we do know, it’s this wonderful thing that bonds us.

Let’s try to keep in perspective that the rest of the world watches the beautiful art form we call drag and doesn’t quite get us. While we can all agree, it’s pretty amazing that these men get into that gig, get in front of the children and make them gag! So this holiday season, be ever grateful that we have each other and let’s get at each other’s throats in the new year once again.

Hey what do you think about Untucked? Will it come back to TV or will they go back to the internet at what time in the morning? Let’s take a poll…

Author: Drag Queens Galore

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