Shadiest Season Ever?

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As is customary around the holiday season, the drag world begins its buzz about RuPaul’s Drag Race. There are those who are attempting to guess in advance what’s happening in January or maybe February. Will we start on the 20th of February which makes the countdown to Drag Con fit perfectly or will we go back to the good ol’ days of a January start. Who will serve as the most notorious judges and guest judges this season. Not to mention the always unknown question… will Shangela jump out of another box?

No matter what the answers to all our favorite questions, it’s no doubt, Mama Ru is definitely on a roll. The trailers are calling this the shadiest season yet, but when it comes to shady seasons, which is your favorite? Do we consider the shade of the first season’s low fidelity recording? The second shady season, the season of the upset win of the young self proclaimed “Other Tyra” over veteran beauty Raven. Season three’s shade by bringing back the first to go from season 2, Shangela… Halleloo! Shall we discuss the shade from the Willam dismissal that changed the outcome of the Sharon Needles VS Phi Phi O’Hara elimination? What about the transgender and abandoned child confessions of season five? Who could forget the Shadiest Queen of them all, Miss Bianca Del Rio? And the most recent shadiness of season seven’s “big girl” controversy.

While season seven definitely had some really huge shoes to fill following the likes of Laganja, Adore, Joslyn, Courtney and of course Bianca Del Rio, they managed to stand their own. True we didn’t seem to have those “Not today Satan” “Party”s but we threw out subliminal quotes like “Glamour Toad” “No Ma’am Pam” and “No T No Shade No Pink Lemonade.” We may have even “Come Thru” a little more than we knew. Is there room for more shade? Of course there is! This is the drag community, more people are tuning in than ever, whether or not it’s to talk about who’s wearing what, why is that queen on the show or what did she say?

The only question we have is… when the heck is the UK version going to happen and where are the Drag Queens of London?

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